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BadCameo - "Friday Night Time Warp"

***Regarding the "In-person show pickup" delivery option: Pickup your pre-ordered copy on BadCameo's summer tour, at any date on or after 8/5/2022! You'll also receive a $5 discount on any merch you buy while picking up your album. BadCameo's summer tour includes everywhere they toured in 2021, plus more! See for tour dates; contact to arrange for pickup.***

BadCameo’s sophomore album “Friday Night Time Warp” is a cosmic exploration of modern urban nightlife. Firmly planted in the traditions of old school funk and R&B, they launch these elemental forces into a new dimension untethered by the confines of the spacetime continuum. In this auditory multiverse, BadCameo navigates the many shades of city life with an infectious and danceable soundtrack. Take a journey through this new sonic frontier on the BadCameo Funk Train.

Tampa, FL based band BadCameo blends all types of influences into a unique cocktail of grooves they call Indie-Funk Fusion! In late 2021, the band earned a slot at the renowned Gasparilla Music Festival in Tampa, after completing three separate self-booked tours. These tours totaled 3.5 months on the road & 60+ shows and saw them reach the Pacific Ocean. In 2022, the band signed with Pivotal Touring to coordinate their upcoming tours and partnered with PR company Unable Music Group for the August release of their second album. Check out the BadCameo Funk Train and learn what these funky boys are all about!

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