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Nellagy - What 2 Say

"What 2 Say" is the debut studio album by Nellagy, one of America's hottest new R&B and pop artists. Pre-order the album now to save 20% and get a sneak peak at the first few singles.

ALBUM DESCRIPTION: Encompassing a wide variety of situations, "What 2 Say" is a collection of experiences where you are lost for words. Including passionate first encounters where you might not be sure if the attraction is mutual, as well as heated frustration about if your partner even cares.

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is a PRE-ORDER. If you pre-order the album here, you will receive digital access to the singles on the date listed above, but the full album will not be available until May 26, 2023. The earliest ship date for physical units is May 30, 2023. Email with questions.