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Cimarosa: Opera Overtures, Vol. 3

Domenico Cimarosa (Aversa, Italy, 1749 – Venice, Italy, 1801) was a most famous and influential opera composer of XVIIIth Century. Cimarosa was principally based in Naples, but spent some of his career in various other parts of Italy, composing for the opera houses of Rome, Venice, Florence and elsewhere. He was engaged by the empress of Russia Catherine the Great as her court composer and conductor between 1787 and 1791. In his later years, returning to Naples, he backed the losing side in the struggle to overthrow the monarchy there, and was imprisoned and then exiled. He died in Venice at the age of 51. Cimarosa's operas were remarkably successful, being staged and re-staged in opera houses all over Europe. Tuscan Opera Academy Orchestra, conducted by Simone Perugini, one of the most famous Cimarosa's scholar, presents in this recording the third volume of the full Cimarosa's Opera Overtures collection. In this release has been recorded the Overtures from the following operas: “L'apparenza inganna", "La ballerina amante", "Cantata in onore del bramato ritorno di Ferdinando IV", "Le donne rivali", "L'amante combattuto dalle donne di punto", "L'impegno superato", "Il matrimonio segreto" (1793 Neapolitan premiere version), "Volodimiro", "I sdegni per amore", "Chi dell'altrui si veste, presto si spoglia".